Lawn: scarified moment?

Scarification, like punching, is a task that is done to eliminate the accumulation of organic matter in the soil. One of the symptoms is the appearance of waterlogging, moss… How does this felt originate? Trampling through the same places, always passing with the mower’s wheels through the same “orders” end up compacting the soil, this […]

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Visual elements and features

The landscape, the scene, in terms of visual and spatial expression can be divided, dividing it into a series of visual elements. As mentioned, the landscape is perceived with the view, obtaining the observer more than 80% of the information through this sensory channel. These visual elements are called main visual elements, basic visual elements, […]

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Landscape elements

Any type of landscape is based on three main components: Abiotic components Biotic components Anthropic components The combination and interaction of these, the prevalence or absence of any of the three, constitute and define the landscape we observe. Abiotic components The relief “frame” where the other two components are sustained thrive and interact. Despite being […]

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Landscape perception

Therefore, whenever we talk about perception, we mean visual perception and its three essential elements: The landscape The observer The visibility is the space between the landscape and the observer Although the three perceptual elements are the basic ones, if there is no interpretation of the landscape by the observer, the perception is not considered […]

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