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I take some photos that I took from step by step, at the house of some friends who asked me for help to place some fig trees in their garden. They are two trees and as you will see they were planted very close together by the owners’ express wish, but that is another issue … we go to the prairie (because in this case, the surface has grasses and clover sown at 50%, so it considers that it is a meadow, although I will use the word grass or grass in the development of the subject because the system is the same for both vegetable surfaces)

The first thing you have to do is with a straight shovel cut vertically the grass of the area where you are going to plant.

This is achieved by sinking the blade vertically and stepping up to about 10-15cm deep. That is the area where most of the grassroots that form your lawn are., And form a compact fabric or bread of roots … below that area, it is appreciated that there is not much the same amount… (The depth will vary according to the type of care, species … that receives the surface with a spelled surface)

Well once this is done (mark with the shovel the outline of the planting hole), with a trowel/palette of a mason, or similar flat instrument, see lifting the grass from an edge, always below the root zone. (To start you can do a little lever with the shovel) It costs a little at first but hey… you don’t have to go to the gym …

Gradually go raising the “slice” or tepe of grass that you have delimited (faster and more fun if you have help) until you separate it completely.

Then you will have the entire tepe like a grass mat (photo 1) that you will remove from the planting area. Dig with the shovel to the depth you need for the root ball of your new plant.

Perform planting normally.

And after this you cut the slice of grass, vertically from the outside to the middle, to leave a line where this tepe fits with the trunk of the tree. Once adjusted, the grass is placed in position. settles and levels with the rest. (if necessary you can throw dirt or sand in the area between both grassy areas)

Then give a watering and try normally taking into account that you will have to “grab” the ground again all the green carpet we have removed. There will be a line where the slice of grass has been separated… that after a little more than a week / 15 days if everything went well it will not be noticed at all.

And chan!!!! Tree laid and grass as if nothing …

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