In general, we think that plants become ill or deteriorate in their appearance due to pests or diseases (viruses, bacteria, fungi, insects …)

But there are physiopathies that are damage created external conditions to the plant such as soil, weather .. such as heat, excessive heatstroke, cold … and once this damage arises it can facilitate the aggravation of the problem due to diseases … we will be treating some in future entries.

In this specific case, we are going to talk about very common psychopathy and it is the excrement and urine of dogs on the lawn.

In general, I have observed these damages in busy public gardens or in private gardens where the dog travels freely.

Let’s start with the damage caused by male dogs, when they urinate they usually mark the territory in corners, shrubs … in the bushes they will cause brown, burned areas that if the plant is not large they can dry it. While females usually urinate in “open field” therefore the damage will be seen on the lawns. Where after a season of “urination” we will find a dry run of grass.

To avoid the first thing would be that the dog did not go to that area to mark, therefore it would be the owner’s awareness. Secondly, frequent watering to “wash” the urine and, in case of damage, a reseeding of grass or patching with a piece of tepe.

On the other hand, if we treat the damage by excrement, there is no difference between the sexes, and it also has a lot to do with the owner of the pooch picking up the excrement or not…

In general, the excrement stimulates excessive growth of the grass, due to an excess of “nutrients” that leads to high spots and more intense color of the grass, which when cut is whitish because that area did not perform photosynthesis anymore. The area is weakened and the appearance is very aesthetic. Even in the “epicenter” an area without grass is created.

In addition to the above, these animals after evacuation have the habit of scratching the area with their legs … causing even more damage. The solution, as I say, would be to prevent the entry of dogs/owner awareness, withdrawal of excrement and in case of damage you reseed. In general, if the damage generators are cut, the turf would look perfect again, the bad thing in these locations is that the cycle is mowed after mowing … therefore the aesthetics can never be maintained.

As you can see, some garden lovers see our 4-legged friends with different eyes …

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