Perhaps the competitive, mediated world of gardens and the intention of capturing public With greater purchasing power they are looking for the “exclusive” makes it necessary to differentiate like this, but … is a landscaper a garden designer? Is there life beyond a rose garden? How can a plant help us to drive thanks to a landscaper?

I recognize that the term, as far as gardens are concerned, has come to stay, but perhaps we are limiting the term to a specific plot…moreover, there are landscape professionals who perhaps the only thing they do not do it’s to the gardens…

The landscape could be defined, in its visual aspect, as the extension of land seen from a specific point.

The European landscape convention defines it as:

Any part of the territory will be understood as perceived by the population, whose character is the result of the action and interaction of natural and/or human factors.

The human being from the dawn of time as any living being “reads the landscape” to Survive, looking for places to shelter, hunt, cultivate, defend against other animals or humans, obtain raw materials …

Although in Europe, as such, the feeling of appreciation, of contemplation of the landscape as “intellectual food” appears in the 18th century, in England, with romantic movements, it is thus reflected in landscape and pictorial landscape and in the parks landscape-style (or English) that mimic nature, an idea also embodied in oriental gardens since ancient times.

After a century, with the beginnings of tourism, this resource is valued, which is the landscape, first among the elites and later becoming popular among the citizens of the humblest classes.

Also in the 19th century, interest in natural sciences grows and this leads to the emergence of conservationist ideas.

It is when the figure of the protected landscape appears, with the birth of the first national park, Yellowstone in 1872. And from then on they are increasing in number and countries until the current situation. Where each and every one of us is guided by images of landscapes to book a hotel, vacations…

It is not only necessary to focus on that the landscape is a “natural frame of incomparable beauty” because as we have said before, the perception The landscape depends on the observer.

For example, do windmills spoil the landscape? Does a castle ruin it on a hill? Did they perceive it the same 500 years ago when it was built? Is a good landscape for a countryman the same as for an urban?

Not only can we limit ourselves to seeing the landscape as a static image, moreover there are times that the landscape is not visual if it is not sound, cultural or imaginary. All when we see mountains or lakes we think of certain animals or plants, if we see a construction we can imagine a period landscape or a specific place, or with hearing certain music think in one place or another, with an image we can assume a season of the year. .. and it is that the landscape without who observes it ceases to be the same landscape …

The professional of the sector dedicates its efforts to maintain, improve or readjust that landscape to provide it with greater quality, not to lose what it has in itself, or correct /minimize/hide the appearance of discordant elements, or perceived as something negative… And the landscape is increasingly considered a natural resource to manage.

Among its functions the planning of the territory, environmental impact assessment, landscape restoration, landscape management…

This can lead to having to intervene in a space such as an abandoned gravel, slopes and clearings of a highway, set the margins of a river, the sealing of a landfill, perform tasks to settle a hillside and prevent landslides, improve the aesthetics of x place, minimize or hide the presence of a factory or activity that “clashes” with the environment … and the gardens? They can also be part of your performance logically.

This small introduction post serves to give an idea of ​​the subject, in order to bring the landscape a bit closer to the readers. What do you think, may it interest you?

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