You’ve come to the right place. On this page you will find the best jigsaw power tool on the market. To make sure no one is disappointed, we have divided the various products by category (electric and battery-powered) and by type of use (hobby and professional). So that you can evaluate your choice towards the model to which you are most addressed for your “scope” of belonging.

Best electric jigsaw: hobby use

The best electric jigsaw for hobby use is the Bosch PST 800 PEL Jigsaw.
A product equipped with the Low Vibration system (ensures low vibration), Bosch System SDS (blade change without using tools) and Cut Control system (for maximum control over the power tool).

Bosch PST 800 PEL Jigsaw

The features do not end there because it is also equipped with chip blowers and adapter for vacuum cleaner. Cutting accuracy due to pendulum oscillation. The speed is adjustable and also boasts an ergonomic design and a softgrip coated handle. In short, we are really talking about a perfect product for hobby (but also semi-professional) use.
Interested in buying? Find out availability and price by clicking here.

Best professional electric jigsaw

After we’ve taken care of the hobbyists, we move on to the professionals. The best professional electric jigsaw we have selected is the Bosch GST 160 BCE Professional. It has a power of 800 watts. The double roller prevents the blade from flexing so that you are really precise when cutting. Equipped with LED light and all the other fundamental and professional functions (vibration reduction system, pendular oscillation, tool-free blade change and adjustable speed). The profile is completed by the compact design and the reduced weight, which guarantee excellent handling.

Bosch GST 160 BCE Professional

Best cordless jigsaw: hobby

The best cordless jigsaw for hobby use selected by us is Bosch PST 18 LI. A model that can be purchased with or without battery. It boasts the Bosch SDS system for tool-free blade changing and the Low Vibration system. In addition, you can adjust the speed, have a clean work surface (thanks to the chip blower) and always have a good view thanks to the integrated mini torch. Compact design and softgrip coated handle.
If you are interested in purchasing, you can check here if the product is still available today.

Bosch PST 18 LI

Best professional cordless jigsaw

The best professional cordless jigsaw, in our opinion, is Makita BJV180Z. It has the ability to adjust speed and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and control. Quick blade change without tools, also available with adjustable pendulum movement up to 4 positions. Equipped with LED light and chip blower for a cutting area always clearly visible and clean.
Also, interesting for the price you can find here.

Makita DJV180Z 18v LXT Jigsaw

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