They told me there was a beautiful garden of gravel and stones, but I couldn’t imagine what I was going to find.

I don’t have the pleasure of meeting the owner or the people behind this garden, and I would swear to have seen another one with similar characteristics.

Of course, aesthetically it is more than remarkable.

The design is simple but very effective and without the western fear of blank space, empty space. It is based on a gravel surface, some bushes and stones distributed by it and some raked area of ​​gravel or combined with gravel of another color/grain size to “break” the smoothness of the surface.

I have seen a picture of another similar garden in an advertising calendar of the province, so I understand that it is some gardening company in the province, I don’t know which one.

To put a couple of hits, I have tried again to see how it has evolved over the years, the exterior enclosure prevents me from accurately locating it and photographing it as I would like.

But I suspect that a loose dog, on the plot, can wreak havoc on this design based on loose gravel.

At present, I imagine that the bushes have grown and in some cases, certain gravels have been hidden.

In spite of everything, as I say, I like the idea developed in this space, at least it seems to me that inspiration in “dry” Japanese gardens is very present.

One more garden to observe than to step on.

It may be more of your taste or less, but the garden deserves a post.

A garden without grass, unquestionably attractive.

What do you think? Did you like it?

At least it serves as an idea.

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