Great Lakes Manufacturing Council

Register Now for Great Lakes Manufacturing Forum VI

We invite you to join with us and other leaders interested in the future of manufacturing in the Great Lakes at Great Lakes Manufacturing Forum VI - June 11 - 12 at the new Cobo Center in Detroit.  This signature event is co-located with The Big M, celebrating the resurgence of manufacturing in North America and tackling the complex issues and challenges that lie ahead.

This combined event provides two big opportunities in one small package and one small price.  Registration for the Great Lakes Manufacturing Forum is $450.00.  Participants will have the run of the show at The Big M.  Plus, the Forum itself will recognize outstanding workforce development and talent recruitment initiatives throughout the Great Lakes, as well as address skilled workforce best practices, the Canada/U.S. trade relationship, and the emergence of supply chain partnerships based on technology and innovation. 

Register for the Forum and The Big M at this registration link.

Here's a look at the Forum's Agenda:

Wed, June 11




Morning & Afternoon

Enjoy The BIG M – Cobo Center


5:00 PM

Board of Directors Meeting – Consulate General of Canada, Can-Am Room, 600 Renaissance Center


6:30 PM

Opening Reception and Dinner – Detroit Regional Chamber, One Woodward Avenue

Thurs, June 12




9:15 AM

Talented Workforce Initiative – Recognition of Nominees and Award Recipients – Cobo Center, SME Workforce Session


9:45 AM

Talented Workforce Initiative – Reception and Best Practices – Cobo Center, Room 420 A

The session will include additional recognition for nominees and award recipients, presentations by workforce experts, and identification of best practices in talent recruitment and workforce development for the Great Lakes.


11:00 AM

Great Lakes Manufacturing Policy – Compelling Issues for Canada and the United States – Cobo Center, Room 420 A

The session will highlight critical common issues in Canada/United Sates cross-border and international trade. Participants will explore how Canada and the US can align their emerging international trade relationships with their own trade relationship – the largest in the world.


12:00 PM

Technology Chains are the New Supply Chains – Beyond Order-Taking, Logistics and Just-in-Time – Cobo Center, Room 420 A

This luncheon session will explore how traditional supply chains are morphing into development chains and the emerging role of suppliers as key intellectual property (R&D/technology?) partners.  If you’re not a partner, you’re at risk.              


2:15 PM