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Image, Innovation, Workforce, Logistics & Borders, and Manufacturing Policy are our key areas of focus. Find out more about each initiative by clicking below.


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Making the Case

How best to change the image of manufacturing? By stressing the importance of manufacturing to the U.S. and Canadian future. Image will follow. Join the discussion.

Getting the Facts

How we see ourselves is critical to how others perceive us. Let’s identify as many “Did you know” facts about our region, our states and our provinces, and let’s share them. Join the discussion.

FACT: Growing the Economy

Growing manufacturing is the best way to grow an economy. That’s because manufacturing generally produces the highest multipliers. Manufacturing requires more intermediate goods and capital equipment and pays good wages. According to the Economic Policy Institute, manufacturing employment multipliers range from 175 in apparel to 464 in automobile production to 904 in computer equipment and office machinery. Many of the Great Lakes manufacturing sectors are among the higher manufacturing multipliers.

Manufacturing is who we are.

Manufacturing makes the Great Lakes home to the world’s fourth largest economy, with a combined GDP of $4.7 trillion among the eight states and two provinces. Manufacturing with all its advantages is intrinsic and essential to our region’s success. We make things together.

Bi-National Collaboration

The Great Lakes Manufacturing Council works to promote, preserve and enhance manufacturing in the Great Lakes Region. We foster innovative partnerships, identify best practices, enhance resources and increase exposure to new ideas. Collaborating among council members, we will help manufacturers and their communities compete.

5 Tips for Effectively Implementing New Manufacturing Technology

Industry Week features this article on how to create an edge by embracing the culture of experimentation, identifying the areas of greatest need and then leaning on employees with experience to teach others.

Indiana - Island of Responsibility?

In a recent article, Tte BBC takes a look at how Indiana fueled its manufacturing revival.  Many credit the state's regulatory and tax structure.  To see more on how different states rank in thier tax policies, check out the 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index.

Tooling U - SME Host Webinar on Closing the Skills Gap and Gaining a Competitive Edge

Millennials represent the greatest opportunity — and the greatest challenge — to our workforce needs. Join Tooling U - SME for a free webinar, Embracing Millennials: Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap and Gaining a Competitive Edge, on Thursday, June 18 at 2:00 p.m.

SME-MSSC White Paper: Transforming Career Counseling

SME and the Manufacturing Skill Standard Council (MSSC) have released a new white paper, “Transforming Career Counseling: Bridging School to Career in the Workforce of the Future,” which provides recommendations on how to best counsel and guide middle school and high school students on career pathway options. The paper determines that enhanced career counseling can help drive economic prosperity and ensure students are not only trained, but also have the appropriate skills to fill gaps across various industries.

Beyond the Border Action Plan Implementation Report

In the most recent implementation report, learn how the United States and Canada continue to transform the way we secure and expedite the legitimate flows of goods and people between both countries.  Both countries have agreed to a Forward Plan that includes new and enhanced measures intended to deepen and strengthen our partnership.

I Don't Want to Go To College (An Open Letter)

The Made in Ohio Blog features an open letter to parents that highlights the opportunities and benefits in becoming a "maker."  There are a lot of good careers outside the college track...if you have good skills.

Canada Cuts Down on Red Tape

Canada says it's the first country with a law that eliminates one regulation for every new measure that's adopted. The One-for-One Rule is designed to ease the burden on businesses.  Learn more about this proposal to eliminate red tape by clicking here

Big wins for Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters in 2015 Federal budget

Canada’s manufacturing sector is the cornerstone of the Canadian economy, according to the federal government’s Economic Action Plan 2015 – and this year’s budget backs up the importance of both manufacturing and exporting with a number of important tax and investment measures that will have a very positive impact for the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition's members.

Great Lakes Region: North America's Economic Engine

There is little question of the importance of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region to North America's economic output, employment and trade, according to a new report from BMO Economics.

The report, North America's Economic Engine, was released during a keynote address by BMO Chief Economist Doug Porter at the Council of the Great Lakes Region's Great Lakes Economic Forum in Chicago, and projects a positive economic outlook for the region.

Podcast on Best Practices in Manufacturing and University Relationships with Glenn Daehn, OMI Executive Director

Glenn Daehn, Ohio Manufacturing Institute’s executive director and Mars G. Fontana Professor of Metallurgical Engineering at Ohio State, participate in a discussion about lighweighting manufacturing, how faculty can engage industry and what cars should really be made from.  They also provide details about the latest trends in metal forming and lightweighting.

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