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Image, Innovation, Workforce, Logistics & Borders, and Manufacturing Policy are our key areas of focus. Find out more about each initiative by clicking below.


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Making the Case

How best to change the image of manufacturing? By stressing the importance of manufacturing to the U.S. and Canadian future. Image will follow. Join the discussion.

Getting the Facts

How we see ourselves is critical to how others perceive us. Let’s identify as many “Did you know” facts about our region, our states and our provinces, and let’s share them. Join the discussion.

FACT: Growing the Economy

Growing manufacturing is the best way to grow an economy. That’s because manufacturing generally produces the highest multipliers. Manufacturing requires more intermediate goods and capital equipment and pays good wages. According to the Economic Policy Institute, manufacturing employment multipliers range from 175 in apparel to 464 in automobile production to 904 in computer equipment and office machinery. Many of the Great Lakes manufacturing sectors are among the higher manufacturing multipliers.

Manufacturing is who we are.

Manufacturing makes the Great Lakes home to the world’s fourth largest economy, with a combined GDP of $4.7 trillion among the eight states and two provinces. Manufacturing with all its advantages is intrinsic and essential to our region’s success. We make things together.

Bi-National Collaboration

The Great Lakes Manufacturing Council works to promote, preserve and enhance manufacturing in the Great Lakes Region. We foster innovative partnerships, identify best practices, enhance resources and increase exposure to new ideas. Collaborating among council members, we will help manufacturers and their communities compete.

U.S. Department of Commerce and National Governors Association Release Manufacturing Report

The competitiveness of U.S. businesses and their ability to hold and return manufacturing jobs to the United States will depend in part on success in advanced manufacturing, according to a report released today by the National Governors Association.

University of Illinois to open Chicago Manufacturing Institute

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced in his State of the State speech that the Urbana-Champaign school, in partnership with its National Center for Supercomputing Applications and private companies, will be forming an Illinois Manufacturing Lab likely to be located in the central area of Chicago.

Second Annual Canada-Ohio Aerospace Summit

After a resounding success last year, the Canada-Ohio Aerospace Summit is returning for 2013, being held on February 25-26 at the Ohio Aerospace Institute.  This two-day event is a coming together of key individuals in the Canadian and American Aerospace sectors, and is not to be missed. 

Competitive and Comparative Advantages of Manufacturing

A recent article from the MIT Technology Review clearly lays out the competitive and comparative advantages of advanced manufacturing, particularly in the historical context of manufacturing offshoring-onshoring. This brief and insightful summary explains how technology will define the future direction of manufacturing.  To read the full, please click here.

Harvard Business Review Identifies Seven Steps to Enhance U.S. Competiteveness

Check out what the Harvard Business Review identifies as seven areas of focus that can create a real opportunity to seize the moment and grow the pie for all Americans.

To find out more about how Government at all levels can be an active participant and can help provide additional momentum, please click here to read the blog post.

Autodesk Gives $21.7 Million Gift to Penn State Behrend to Provides Access to Animatioin and Modeling Software

Investing in education is a time-honored tradition among high technology companies like Cisco, Google, HP, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Texas Instruments and others.  Recently, in the field of advanced digital modeling and simulation, a gift on the part of Autodesk Software stands out.

NCMS Announces New Tool for Contracting Opportunities with the U.S. Department of Defense

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) has been chosen a Community Partner for America’s VOICe, a new e-marketplace developed exclusively for America’s top industrial buyers, suppliers and services providers. Every year, thousands of direct contracting opportunities with the U.S. Department of Defense go delayed or unfilled because there has been no effective mechanism for manufacturers to get them. NCMS was chosen based on its impressive members and affiliates, identified as companies the U.S.

Mayor of Chicago Announces $1.25 Million Investment in Austin Manufacturing Education

At Austin Polytechnical Academy on Chicago’s West Side, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that the city will invest $1.25 million in advanced manufacturing education programs led by the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council and its managing partner, the Center for Labor & Community Research (CLCR).

Not Your Father’s Factory Floor


Tucked away in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, it looks like just another old industrial warehouse from the early 1900s.  But inside the brick walls, resting atop the hardwood floors is well over a million dollars of 3D printing equipment, and counting.

26 A Winning Team

Canada's National Buyer/Seller Forum - October 23-25, 2012 Edmonton, Alberta

For the last 11 years, the National Buyer/Seller Forum (NBSF) has been the pre-eminent gathering for buyers and sellers along the oilsands supply chain—a place to meet, connect, discuss issues and opportunities, and do business. Given the significant activity, challenges, and opportunities ahead for the oilsands industry, the forum is more important than ever.

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