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Image, Innovation, Workforce, Logistics & Borders, and Manufacturing Policy are our key areas of focus. Find out more about each initiative by clicking below.


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Making the Case

How best to change the image of manufacturing? By stressing the importance of manufacturing to the U.S. and Canadian future. Image will follow. Join the discussion.

Getting the Facts

How we see ourselves is critical to how others perceive us. Let’s identify as many “Did you know” facts about our region, our states and our provinces, and let’s share them. Join the discussion.

FACT: Growing the Economy

Growing manufacturing is the best way to grow an economy. That’s because manufacturing generally produces the highest multipliers. Manufacturing requires more intermediate goods and capital equipment and pays good wages. According to the Economic Policy Institute, manufacturing employment multipliers range from 175 in apparel to 464 in automobile production to 904 in computer equipment and office machinery. Many of the Great Lakes manufacturing sectors are among the higher manufacturing multipliers.

Manufacturing is who we are.

Manufacturing makes the Great Lakes home to the world’s fourth largest economy, with a combined GDP of $4.7 trillion among the eight states and two provinces. Manufacturing with all its advantages is intrinsic and essential to our region’s success. We make things together.

Bi-National Collaboration

The Great Lakes Manufacturing Council works to promote, preserve and enhance manufacturing in the Great Lakes Region. We foster innovative partnerships, identify best practices, enhance resources and increase exposure to new ideas. Collaborating among council members, we will help manufacturers and their communities compete.

Forbes Magazine Ranks America's Manufacturing Boomtowns

Forbes Magazine ranked 357 metropolitin statistical areas based on manufacturing employment data to track what areas a benefiting most from our recent industrial renaissance.  The report highlights many Great Lakes cities that are leading the U.S. Manufacturing revival.  To see the complete article and full list of rankings, click here.

Pittsburgh Technology Council's State of the Industry Report

What’s the best way to monitor the contributions technology companies are making to southwestern Pennsylvania’s economy? Read the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s State of the Industry Report. By annually compiling the latest growth numbers from county, state and federal sources the PTC draws attention to the region’s significant technological resources. The Council provides this report to help to create a deeper, more current understanding of the technology sector.

Breaking the Mold: Manufacturing in Windsor-Essex Video Launched

A new video has been launched looking at manufacturing in Windsor-Essex.  Highlighting the educational, training and employment opportunities for those seeking to enter the sector, Breaking the Mold: Manufacturing in Windsor-Essex was created by Workforce WindsorEssex and directed by local talent Sasha Jordan Appler of ApplerFilm, with the assistance of several employers and community partners.

U.S. Approves Detroit-Windsor Crossing

The US State Department issued a presidential permit to the State of Michigan on April 12, 2013 so it can proceed with a major new international toll bridge connecting Detroit with Windsor, Ontario.  The bridge will be paid for by the Canadian government.  The project, called the New International Trade Crossing, would add highway capacity in our robust trade corridor where the private Ambassador Bridge over the Detroit River is already the busiest border crossing in North America.  For more information on the celebration, click

CME Applauds Budget 2013's Support for Manufacturing

The 2013 Economic Action Plan announced on March 28, 2013 by the Government of Canada positions manufacturing as a top priority and paves the way for a stronger, more competitive economy for all Canadians.This is a big win for Canadian industry, the Canadian economy and for manufacturers. 

NAFTA Monthly Trade Report Expanded to Cover All Modes of Transportation

The U.S. Department of Transportation is expanding its monthly reports on the value of trade between the U.S., Canada and Mexico to include shipments by air and vessel. Previously these reports focused on trade by surface transportation, which includes trucks, rail and pipeline.

To see what the the statistics released on March 27, 2013 reveal, click here.

MMA Lunch & Learn - New Federal Health Care Law: What Does It Mean for Your Business?

Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) and their president & CEO, Chuck Hadden are hosting a Lunch & Learn on the New Federal Health Care Law and what it means for your business on Tuesday, April 30 in Southfield, MI.  This is an important issue for manufacturers and MMA wants to share this opportunity beyond its membership.  Attendees will come away with an understanding of how the Patiend Protection and Affordable Care Act applies to manufacturers and what you need to know about compliance.

Indiana Chamber Employer Survey: Skills Gap Remains Major Concern

A new workforce survey from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce domonstrates the need for the creation of a new Indiana Career Council to more effectively coordinate the state's education, job skills and career training systems. Nearly half of the employers responded that they have never heard of nor received assistance from the state's current workforce training system. 

NAM President Jay Timmons Addresses Detroit Economic Club

National Association of Manufacturers President & CEO Jay Timmons addressed the Detroit Economic Club on February 13, 2013 on the role of manufacturing in revitalizing the economy. “We may not be the biggest sector in the economy, but we are absolutely the most powerful,” he said. “So its no wonder everyone is talking about manufacturing these days.” He noted that Americans recognize the importance of manufacturing. “They know that a strong economy is one that makes things. Americans know manufacturing builds strong communities as well.

CME Report: Half of all Canadian manufacturers face labour shortages today

Almost 50 per cent of Canadian manufacturers polled in a recent industry survey indicate they face immediate labour shortages, according to a report released from Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME).

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