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Introducing the Canadian Manufacturing Network



(Owen Sound / Ottawa, ON) Today Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium of Canada (EMC) and Textiles Human Resources Council (THRC) announced the launch of the Canadian Manufacturing Network:

The Canadian Manufacturing Network / Réseau Manufacturier Canadien is a unique initiative focused on engaging manufacturers through knowledge, innovation, workplace learning and best practices, in order to strengthen Canadian industry globally and create new jobs here at home. The Canadian Manufacturing Network connects manufacturers to share knowledge, expertise and learning resources, strengthening Canada’s diverse manufacturing sectors as they grow new business and build greater global competitiveness.

To help create and sustain the next evolution of Canadian jobs, EMC and THRC are also announcing the launch of two major national manufacturing initiatives:

  1. 1)  MFGJOBS: Manufacturing Jobs Resource Network

    After more than a year of piloting with industry employers and job-seekers, the Manufacturing Jobs Resource Network is now open to the public and connecting employers, job-seekers and labour market stakeholders across all manufacturing sectors. All Canadian manufacturers can post their jobs for FREE. Through this networks’ extensive partnerships, these job resources will be linked and broadcast to virtually all industry across Canada.

  2. 2)  Online Skills and Learning Portal

    The Canadian Manufacturing Network's Catalogue of Programs includes hundreds of world-class bilingual, industry-vetted online programs, comprising thousands of subjects of online learning for workers at all levels — from the shop floor to senior management — and across all manufacturing sectors.

    Industry can access leading-edge skills development programs on a wide range of subjects, including: manufacturing, technical, business and personal development, computer and workplace performance skills... including Harvard Business programs!

The launch of the Canadian Manufacturing Network and these keystone initiatives is the culmination of several years of industry-driven development and vetting, as well as pilot group testing by over 20,000 industry users across Canada. Additional grass-roots industry resources and all-sector Knowledge Networks round out the network’s launch programming.

The Canadian Manufacturing Network is a partnership built on the foundation of two of Canada’s leading manufacturing organizations – Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC – Canada’s largest manufacturing consortium) and the Textiles Human Resources Council (THRC – a national and international award winning Sector Council). These organizations bring more than 40 years of combined industry-driven, grassroots subject-matter-expertise, programs and services that generate hundreds of millions in productivity improvements and economic impact for manufacturers.

“I believe that THRC’s success is based on our focused, industry-led approach and solid network of partnerships,” said David Kelly, Executive Director of the Textiles Human Resources Council. “I’m confident that our collaboration with EMC will elevate to a whole new level, the value that we are able to collectively offer today’s manufacturers to advance their global competitiveness.”

The Canadian Manufacturing Network provides manufacturers of all sizes with real-time workplace solutions that drive innovation and productivity. The Canadian Manufacturing Network is a one-stop-solution linking manufacturers with their peers, related supply chain organizations, and municipal, provincial, and federal governments to provide Canadian industry with the resources they need to succeed.

“Being able to engage industry is why we have been able to help so many manufacturers,” said Al Diggins, President and General Manager of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium. “Continued development of manufacturing specific tools is essential to keep these channels open. EMC is excited about the launch of the Canadian Manufacturing Network and partnering with THRC to further enhance this expanding network throughout Canada.”

The Canadian Manufacturing Network has created the most comprehensive reservoir of industry knowledge and subject-matter- expertise available in Canada today. With face-to-face and web 2.0 based networks, this initiative is building a greater case for

manufacturing in Canada, by making available a world-class array of lean / advanced manufacturing, workplace-focused business, talent management and human capital solutions vital to the long-term growth of Canadian manufacturing.

For more information about the Canadian Manufacturing Network, please contact:

Al Diggins, President & General Manager
Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC)
tel.: 866.323.4362 | e:

David Kelly, Executive Director
Textiles Human Resources Council (THRC)
tel.: 613.230.7217 ext. 301 | e:

An Industry Collaboration between:



Consortium (EMC)

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is a unique federally chartered not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping manufacturers grow and become more competitive, at home and around the world.

EMC has grown to become Canada's largest manufacturing consortium and with over 1,000 hands-on industry events annually, is the most active manufacturing organization in North America! Founded in the mid-1980’s and incorporated in 1997, EMC is responsible for contributing significant knowledge, expertise and industry resources towards the success of nearly five-thousand consortium and online member manufacturers, employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians, in 53 consortium regions and spanning more than 250 communities across Canada.

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium’s total manufacturing audience includes 40,000 manufacturing employers, representing over 600,000 individuals employed in manufacturing... creating a solid network from British Columbia through to Newfoundland & Labrador!

The Textiles Human Resources Council is a non-profit partnership that works to ensure workers in Canada’s technology-driven primary textile industry have the world-class skills the industry demands. The Council brings together textile producers, unions, suppliers, government departments and educational institutions to develop innovative training and education solutions that respond to established and emerging needs.

THRC is a national and international award winning Sector Council, whose mandate is to help manufacturers and related organizations develop and maintain the skills of its workforce in keeping with the speed of change. It offers customizable skills development programs and resources designed to support skills development in the workplace.

The Textiles Human Resources Council has over 800 members across Canada and is a leader in providing world-class expertise, programs and services for Canadian industry.