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Logistics Database

The bi-national cluster of states and provinces bordering the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway system features a robust transportation system that facilitates rapid movement of goods and people throughout the world. The fulcrum of the largest international trade relationship, this system features some of the world’s greatest road, rail, intermodal, water and air concentrations. Within this network are 4 of the 20 busiest airports in North America, the busiest international trade crossing in the world, the largest inland port in the world, the second busiest inland port in the United States, and 59 bustling intermodal facilities.

This first database features the region’s rail/truck intermodal centers. We’d like to acknowledge the Center for Transportation Analysis – Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Intermodal Association of North America, Schedule Distribution Services, LLC, and the long haul rail carriers serving the Great Lakes for the information used in building this database. We’re building information series for the other modes and major logistics assets in the region, as well. Meanwhile, to tell us how we can add more value, please send us a note.