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Manufacturing Assistance Program Directory

A large variety of programs in the Great Lakes Region are designed to help manufacturers improve their competitive position. Recognizing that assistance is offered from a large variety of sources, the Great Lakes Manufacturing Council invites you to explore our database to find programs of interest. Manufacturers can use this source to quickly identify programs for their benefit, and agencies offering programs can review what others are doing to support their clients. To advise of programs that should be included, please contact us with your advice.

Programs are searchable by organization name, geographic location and primary category of assistance. The primary categories themselves also include a number of related services. For example, “finance” includes tax credits, tax incentives, lending, bond issuance, and grants. Many of the programs provide more services than just the primary category. For example, an organization providing “energy” services may also provide “finance” services. Viewers are able to access more complete information in the listing for each organization.

Search the Manufacturing Assistance Program Directory