Great Lakes Manufacturing Council

Canadian - U.S. Harmonization of Skill Standards and Certifications

The Great Lakes Manufacturing Council applauds the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters on thier agreement to promote mutual recognition of manufacturing skills certifications in the United States and Canada. 

"This bi-national agreement is a significant advance in the quest to provide the mobile, highly-skilled workforce so critical to the thousands of advanced manufacturers that propel the Great Lakes economy," noted Ed Wolking, Jr., president of the Council.

"This landmark pact will help to address the skills shortages that are cropping up throughout the region as manufacturers combat both a silver tsunami of front-line workers entering retirement and a paucity of younger workers succeeding them," Wolking said.  In 2014, in the United States alone, there were 167,842 job postings in the advanced manufacturing skilled trades in the twelve states that are part of the bi-national Great Lakes trading region.